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Your business world is ever changing. To survive and to be successful, you have to constantly monitor and adapt to your market and environment. And to make decisions effectively you need the right information, and good independent advice. We help small to mid-sized companies through business coaching and leadership development to enhance their performance, increase their profits, and improve their productivity. We work with corporate executives who desire to reach new heights in their performance, and those who want to enhance their communication and influencing skills.

We help to expand your horizons by providing clear and meaningful management information and practical business advice, giving you the knowledge and tools to manage the business better, and enabling you to focus on what is really important. In short, we help you to see things more clearly. And if you can see clearly, you can see further!

But we don't just provide advice. What makes us unique is our ability to turn theory into action. In short, we deliver practical, hands-on help and advice that works - and we take it right through to implementation and results.

We work with companies of all sizes and in all sectors, but our real focus is the small to medium sized business - typically 5 to 255 employees.

Our core competencies include:

In addition, our Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Patt Steiner, is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). Being part of a network of over 5000 Executive Associates worldwide means that clients can be offered access to and co-ordination/delivery of business support across a huge list of additional disciplines.




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